Aegis Omega – Keiji’s Journal (3)


I have this ability. Not really ready to talk about it here, I feel it’s not safe, but that’s kinda the point. It’s why I look so weird, I think.

By the way, I look weird. Like really weird. I have white hair, people assume I dye but I don’t, it’s just…that way. My ears are pointy, like cosplay pointy, people also assume I use something, that I’m some attention seeker.

It’s seriously the other way around, I just have no way to fly under the radar, so to speak. Not physically.

But whatever, looking weird? Lots of people look weird. Some more, some less, I mean, I’m not blind to the struggles of others. I’m not stupid to think I’m the only one getting bullied and mocked over how I look.

But this ability? It does stand out, and if people knew? There’s no justification. There’s nothing to assume and there’s no explanation to cover it up. So I need to take action to cover it up.

It’s the one thing Jin has asked me to do, and gone to some lengths to help me with, so…I really feel like–

Well, that’s my way in, as far as we’re concerned. I do good on what he asked, I might start getting on his good side.

But the way to hide this thing? Well, it’s impossible not to be unpopular doing it. Let’s just say that.


These are journal entries from the protagonist of the comic book Aegis Omega. If you’re not familiar with the story, I invite you to change that and read up on it:

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Aegis Omega – Keiji’s Journal (3)

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