Aegis Omega – Keiji’s Journal (6)


I like watching cartoons, and movies. I like reading and doodling. It all makes it easier when Jin’s lying about drunk and crazy, or when people at school are being mean to me. It’s nice to let imagination take over those times.

While I’m in that state, I have a reprieve. I don’t know exactly from what, but it does make me feel better. More hopeful.


I really don’t like…just complaining. I think it makes sense that…if you always think negatively, then nothing ever gets better. So yeah, I’m bullied, and sure I don’t really feel like it’s at all possible to have friends, or more, but you never know I mean.

Jin might one day decide to get better. Things would improve fantastically if that happened, and that can happen any day now.

I might also think about getting a job of some kind. Right now, I usually just have a piece of fruit for lunch, and don’t much eat anything else during the day.

Fruit’s healthy, but I bet eating more would also improve things, I’d have more energy!

And energy can also be a state of mind, an attitude.

Just gotta have a good attitude!


These are journal entries from the protagonist of the comic book Aegis Omega. If you’re not familiar with the story, I invite you to change that and read up on it:

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Aegis Omega – Keiji’s Journal (6)

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