Aegis Omega – Brother in Arms (13)


Chapter 13: Rivaldo’s Gift

Nino could hear them cursing. Despite the fact he was just one guy, he had the entire group of them pinned down. He only had two bullets left, and he was unsure whether he should preemptively reload and waste them, or make sure to spend them.

He also worried whether they were far enough from anyone else that the police hadn’t been called. He doubted he’d get a pass if officers had to shoot their way into the middle of a firefight.

Cops had no hassle fighting fire with a lot of more fire.

Nino saw someone darting off from the side of the warehouse, to circle around him. He shot twice, for the sake of getting rid of the decision whether or not to reload, but both missed.

Damn, Nino thought, realizing he hadn’t accounted for the speed, as well as the body facing him sideways.

Now he was flanked.

“Tsk,” Nino reloaded the pistol as fast as he could like Rivaldo had taught him. Press the switch, magazine falls, he pushes the other one in, and it’s ready to go.

Eighteen, Nino thought, he had to keep track.

He did his best to ignore the bullets being fired at him, blocked by the container, growingly confident they would never pierce through no matter how wore down and rusty it looked. Nino focused on another container ahead, gun lifted high and aiming straight in anticipation.

Breathe, he reminded himself, squeeze, don’t pull.

He was too much aware of his trigger finger. Its position and curvature, the feel of the pistol’s metal scraping against it as if the tiny thing was breathing.

The guy peeked, and Nino shot. The bullet hit nothing because the guy hid immediately, faster than Nino’s finger.

Holy crap, that reaction speed!

The guy peeked again with a pistol in hand and took a shot. Nino felt a bite on his shoulder and immediately fired two more rounds, which hit the edge of the container behind which the guy hid again.

He’s not like the others!

Nino had a path of escape, but it would take him farther from the warehouse, potentially leaving Rivaldo to fend for himself.

Smiling, a bit drunk on adrenaline, he told himself he wouldn’t get hit, and ran towards the guy instead.

I have the upper hand!

Two shots hit around his feet and another bit into his flesh on the leg, but then he was clear and protected by the very container the other was hiding behind. He ran across it, firing a shot at a surprised gunman when he peeked in reaction to his friends shooting closer to him. Nino missed, but it didn’t matter.

He was leaning right next to a cover Nino was about to run by, gun first, and wouldn’t have time to run to another before Nino arrived. He either parted from the container hoping Nino’s blind shots wouldn’t hit him, and try to get in his own, or do his own blind shots.

The pistol peeked and shot, but Nino had side-stepped in anticipation. The bullets went wide, and Nino shot, hitting the pistol. It flew off the man’s grasp to the sound of a loud grunt.

Nino cleared the container, and the man tried to jump him. If Nino were trailing right by, he would have been grabbed, but he was some paces away, so he had more than enough time to shoot him in the chest.

He looked both surprised and confused, but then they always looked surprised.

Nino walked past him and aimed back at the warehouse, now shooting from an even better vantage point as he had a tighter angle on the exit. But he noticed the man had come from some kind of side-entrance, and more could perhaps take the same.

Thirteen, Nino thought grimly, because he had no more magazines. The bullets being fired aimlessly trying to hit him had not stopped. Man, they have way more bullets, this isn’t fair.

It was at that point he heard some yelling, and gunshots coming from inside the warehouse. Frightened for Rivaldo, Nino leaned out of the cover and shot at the gunmen in front of the warehouse who were very much perplexed.

Nino’s mind counted on its own as he calmly but swiftly navigated his hands by firm arms, sidestepping slightly between the third and fourth shot. Aim, squeeze in and squeeze out. Aim, squeeze in and squeeze out.

Eight bullets left, Nino thought, running to a now unguarded warehouse entrance, since the all five men were on the ground, two of them bleeding to death and three bleeding from it.

Shots came out again from within the warehouse, along with some yells. He recognized one of the bellows as being from Rivaldo.


Someone tried to step out the door of the warehouse to contend with Nino, but he spammed three bullets out to keep him inside. Nino crouched next to the first body, gun aimed at the door, and grabbed the man’s pistol, putting it in his pocket.

“You son of a bitch!” The man yelled from the door. “I’ll kill you! What the fu–”

The guy had accidental edged his foot out. Nino shot it. The man screamed and jumped back, and so Nino jumped and frantically grabbed hold of a weird submachine gun he had only ever seen in the movies. He shot at the entrance just to make sure it worked and then charged, motivated by the continuing sounds of conflict coming from inside.

The man in the doorway had just steadied his pistol when Nino came about, spraying unto him before realizing the man had motioned to throw his gun away and surrender.

Nino ran past him without a thought, they were all on Rivaldo. He went past some kind of gate and onto an open area full of crates, most of them wooden. It was there he saw someone running for their lives, shooting back blindly and so badly as to not hit a single bullet on the man chasing him, Rivaldo.

Rivaldo had cuts and bruises, and a wound on his left shoulder that was still bleeding, but more importantly, he was carrying an ax. It was red, obviously intended for fire emergencies, but it was also full of blood. His face was heavily bloodied and completely mad.

Someone flanked them and shot at Rivaldo, hitting him in the left shoulder again, but Rivaldo just roared and flung the ax at the gunman. The ax hit the gunman in the chest at about the same time as Rivaldo tackled the man he was chasing to the ground.

A flurry of curses and terrible promises were spat down as Rivaldo savagely started punching the man.

That was Rivaldo. He wasn’t the best fighter, he wasn’t the best shooter, nor one to think everything through and come with the best strategies and tactics.

Nino looked at a group of eight people, who were likely all carrying guns, who had been killed by an unarmed yet furious man who, despite the lack of expert qualities, was unstoppable when in the right mood.

The curses continued, and Nino jogged towards Rivaldo, more looking around to make sure nobody showed up and shot at them unnoticed. But also thinking of what to say.

It was pretty obvious to Nino, who knew Rivaldo so well, that his family was already dead.

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Aegis Omega – Brother in Arms (13)

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