Aegis Omega – Keiji’s Journal (11)


It wasn’t an accident. Enough days have gone by, so not only does she have to know what she’s doing, but I even witnessed it. A friend of hers rolled her eyes and said a mean thing, so Rika scolded her!

It feels…great. I never really thought it would feel so weird, or so good. It does feel good, just to say “hey” and have it said back with a smile, like she’s happy to see me.

I find that hard to believe, she doesn’t even know me, why would she be happy to see me?

Everything else is pretty much the same, but with her in my class, it’s also… much better.

It makes me think…like, the difference that one person can make in other people’s lives just by being kind. We really can’t imagine, or at least, most people can’t imagine the impact kindness can have in people’s lives.

I for one, feel that impact.

I worried, initially, that she would pay the price, and share in my infamy, but that isn’t happening. She’s very pretty, she’s always happy and joyful. I think she’s smart too. I think she’s going to be moving a lot of hearts in that school.

I’m scared she already started with mine.


These are journal entries from the protagonist of the comic book Aegis Omega. If you’re not familiar with the story, I invite you to change that and read up on it:

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Aegis Omega – Keiji’s Journal (11)

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