To Save the World – Part 3


Part 3

Kaneda got up and ran. Nathaniel was still a mile away, and yet the building was already shaking. By the time Kaneda reached the ground floor, the rooftop was imploding. He vaulted over a window he had previously broken, straight onto his bike. The engine revved and he was off.

The building collapsed as if in the grasp of an earthquake.

Kaneda crossed two neighborhoods and came upon a road that was a straightshoot to the outside of the town, offering a clear line of sight. Kaneda could see the rust storm, in the long distance, but more importantly, he could see Nate flying in his direction. The bike was stopped, ready to ride, but he brought the gun against his shoulder and aimed forward.

Nathaniel seemed to scream in a violent spasm. The ground ahead began to rupture, shattering in a trail heading straight for Kaneda.

Kaneda pressed the trigger twice, for two one-second beams. The first consumed itself dispersing the invisible force that was on its way to crush him, again in a flash of light, with a small explosion of wind. The second pierced through and onwards, scattering the dust lifted in the wake of that first clash.

The young man in his late twenties stopped in mid-air and yelled out, pushing with his arms. The beam beat against another invisible shield, making Nathaniel wince in painful concentration.

Meanwhile, the bike roared again. Another invisible force pushed out towards Kaneda, but he moved away, driving completely to the side. The road ruptured and broke behind him, the force continuing until it hit a building a few blocks over.

The noise was thunderous with two massive buildings crashing down on top of themselves, and the fight was only getting started.

If Kaneda was able to survive as long as he had to. If not, the Earth was doomed. It was a responsibility that weighed heavily on his shoulders, and it had to. Any less and he would never have agreed to abandon his family.

“I dunno who you are or what you think you’re doing!” Nate’s voice boomed, echoing over the rumbling caused by the collapsing buildings. “But I’m way too hungry for this!”

This is not your friend, Kaneda reminded himself, resisting the urge to talk. There was no talking him down, and if there was, that was a tactic best left for later.

He leaned to the right to handle the tight turn. His bike hiccuped over a rumbling ground to the sound of terrifying destruction chasing him by the heels.

His once friend came charging on, bursting out of a wall of a building.

“Give up now and I won’t crush your every bone to dust before I finally–”

The gun was set upside down over Kaneda’s shoulder, pointing backwards at Nathaniel. It lit up with the light of pure, concentrated solar power. It ejected after crossing a wide variety of amplifying crystals, producing the beam of high intensity white energy that he had been using. With a yell, Nathaniel was forced to stop and disperse it.

“This new weapon of yours doesn’t work! Stop or I’ll make you wish you were never born!!”

Unstoppable telekinetic power. It would be the scariest part of him if it wasn’t for that which kept him alive.

And young, Kaneda added in his mind, as if things weren’t bad enough.

His bike slipped down a level, right into the hollowness of a building half-way burried into the ground. It was one of the halfbaked tunnels he had marked beforehand. While still holding the weapon, he brought a finger and pressed a button. The sides of the bike dropped several disk-shaped mines, shooting them out at the walls and ceiling around him. Around twenty of the tiny things were left behind.

As expected, Nathaniel came flying right after him. The time had arrived to truly depend on the gun’s battery.

Kaneda slid the bike to a perpendicular stop and rested the gun on his free arm, which stayed on the bike.

“I will make it fast!” Nathaniel yelled out, throwing his hands forward in desperate hunger.

The ceilings and walls, as well as the ground, started rupturing as an invisible force charged towards him. It would take out his mines, so Kaneda pressed the trigger.

And held it.

In successive flashes of light, it made it all the way to Nathaniel, at which point he brought the other arm and yelled out in either rage or concentration. Probably  both.

“THIS IS POINTLESS!” He screamed over the noise that was coming from the clash of powers. That of the sun versus his supernatural telekinetic magic.

Screaming, Nathaniel started stepping forward.

“That’s an impressive gun! But it’s gonna run out of ammo! Or I’m gonna reach you! There is no other outcome for this. The only question…” he grunted with effort. Impatience. “Do I kill you without pain, or with a lot of it. Give up! Give yourself up!”

Kaneda awkwardly rose his right foot to the head of the bike, and held it over the button. Nathaniel wouldn’t be able to see it. He wouldn’t be able to see anything with all the explosions of light happening right in front of his face.

“I can sense you,” Nate called out. “I will find you wherever you go. You can’t hide. Can’t run. You can only suffer! Absolutely last chance!”

Kaneda pressed with his heel on the button, and the mines activated. The places around each of them, for a radius of about one meter, imploded, and a momentary burst of sound blasted against Nathaniel. A sonic boom, of the likes that would blow any auditory system, human or otherwise. Kaneda’s helmet shuddered and his visor cracked, even at that distance.

It all blasted into Nathaniel at extremely close range, causing the intended effect.

A momentary lapse of concentration.

The barrier was gone and the beam shot forward, past Nate’s position and onward, stretching down to the horizon. Only then, did Kaneda let go of the trigger. Smoke and debris were blocking his view of what might have happened.

But he didn’t need to see it.

The shriek came on, hurting but very clearly alive. Kaneda turned the bike on, engaging its engines, and ran away before he even saw what damages he had caused.


They had clearly not been enough.


To Save the World – Part 3

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