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Aegis Omega – Keiji’s Journal:

Set in the world of Aegis Omega, follow the journal entries of the protagonist as he tries to deal with the troubles of being a teenager in high-school who looks freakish and sometime transforms into a monkey.

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Aegis Omega – Brother In Arms:

Set in the world of Aegis Omega, we take a closer look into the past life of one of Keiji’s most stalwart of allies. Nino is now the right hand to the leader of a criminal organization, find out why.

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Quick Shorts

A collection of short stories that can fit in one page.

DREAMS ARE NOT REAL: A story about a boy who had no dreams.

THE GREATER THE GOAL: A story about a man with a great vision.

THE FORGETFUL ELEPHANT: A story about an Elephant trying to remember.

TRUE SIGHT IS TIMELESS: A story about the one eyed man in the land of the blind.




Do you like abstract? The concept? Well, John doesn’t. He thinks it’s stupid, so what happens when he meets an abstract portrait that delves into his heart to rescue a long lost love?



It takes a lot to rekindle a passion, to reawaken the ability to feel enthusiasm and the capacity to be marveled and inspired. When Miroslav is set to coach Ocklo through the deadliest and greatest competition in the galaxy, he is forced to take in a lot…but is it enough?

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Daigo became the captain of his own ship with as much merit as a lottery ticket winner. Confident and brash and not the least bit honorable, he lives a life on the edge of the law knowing that, sooner or later, something would push him too far outside the edge.

He never imagined how far off the edge he could be thrown.

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A gigantic beast has been prophesied to one day rise to destroy all of humanity. These are the final hours of the men who rose to stop it.

Beware the meek, for desperation knows no weakness.